why do you think it is?

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why do you think it is?

Question, ladies...curious on your thoughts...

This summer, the twinkies were starting to be so good for me in terms of sharing and playing nicely with each other...remember, with twins, sharing does not come automatically, either! Smile and since they are the same age and gender, of course they want what the other has...it's a twinkie-law....so i was feeling really good about how much they've matured on this issue...then preschool started...

They are doing truly great in preschool (3x/week, 2.5 hours each) but have gotten worse at home: a lot more pushing, wrestling, less sharing, lots of whining...

I wonder why...1. I know that they are more tired these days but don't want to nap...2. could be a growth spurt, too (showing some signs)...

Any experiences with similar situatations? Thanks....

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I don't think the sharing issue has anything to do with them being twins. Everett wants what baby brother has. I think it goes in phases.

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Amy, you are right...I just meant to say that so me people think that twins are automatically good at sharing since they are "so connected" and all and it's just not the case :)...of course all kids go through this...i just wonder why it's turned back to where it was since preschool started...

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I have no idea on twins--my kids share and play nice in spurts. It is usually the younger 2 fighting--almost 6yrs and 3 yrs--so there is a 3 year gap AND they are girl and boy! And they still fight over everything. My oldest keeps out of it Smile Since school began, my days have been much more peaceful because now I just have mr. personality at home with no one to compete with--I think he loves it Wink

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I noticed this behavior with my DD last year and my thought was that her behavior and movements were so organized at school and once she got home she just needed to "release" all that energy. She had a tough time transitioning for the first 2-3 hours she was home. She seemed to do better if I had "jobs"for her so she could help me (help with dinner, help with laundry, set the table, let her make some decisions about our dinner menu, etc). For some reason that seems to help smooth out the peaks and valleys of her day.

She seems to be doing better right now with kindergarten but right now things are still new and exciting...so we'll see how she is doing come February and March. Smile

And like Holly said we to go though spurts of good and bad.

GL figuring out what works for your boys.

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I think alot of it has to do with environment and expectations and no matter how well we think we set the rules/tone at home, it's not as clear as school and kids will push fuzzy limits all the time. Savannah is really good at sharing most of the time, but she has this one friend at church and they go at it all the time!! It's usually quite funny and my laughing probably doesn't help the situation.