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Everett has been in preschool for a year and he can't even consistantly write the letter E. I am disappointed in the school for not pushing the issue of writing his name. I decided we are going to write his name every night. I wrote his name last night and had him write it under mine so he had a reference and he still didn't put the letters in the same order or same direction but I did get him to attend to it for the 3-4 minutes it took to do it. Can your child write his/her name??

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Ethan can write his own name...but his school pushes it. Almost every day, he comes home with a sheet of paper where he has written his name at least twice. They started out tracing, then moved to see it above/copy it. Now, he can write his name when you ask him to spell it.

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Maddison can write her name, not in a line like at the top of the paper but Im sure if she wanted to she could do it. She's never been to school but I work with her a lot, she can draw people and letters too, she just figured out W, R and S much better than she had before.

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Savannah can write her name, but prefers not to!! She'll write every other letter that she has a love affair with. Writing their name isn't really a big deal at 3/4; so long as they recognize the first letter, know their name, etc. Once he starts doing it, he'll pick it up quick and definitely before kindergarten.

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Liam can write his name...He used to do it better than he does now, but now he writes it backwards, but thats also normal Hahahaha...