Xmas tree....=.....CHECK!!!!

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Xmas tree....=.....CHECK!!!!

Well I did it...I got all motivated over the weekend and got our tree up...its child proofed and all HAHAHA...Unfortunately we have already had a breakage...Liam (the one I didnt think I had to worry about) grabbed one and dropped it and SMASH glass and water everywhere....YES it was a snow globe one Sad

Anyway heres some pictures...they havent come out very well and I have had to make it a shorter tree as it on top of our fire place and touches the celing....

Ive set up some things under the tree for the little ones to look at...Im going to add another string of fairy lights under the tree to light up these things...

This was my snow globe one, BEFORE Liam got his hands on it...:(

And Liams favourite one...Santa on a 4 wheeler...

And a little video of my FAVOURITE xmas thingy....just click on the photo to view!!!

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OMG NAT I want one! I seriously sat with my mouth wide open and a big goofy grin for the whole video! I LOVE IT!

We have our tree up, but it's all white lites and gold ribbon and it's missing something if you ask me, but DH isn't into throwing a string of color on the tree as it's prelit. I can only hope next year the lights don't work.

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We have our tree up...we had to do it twice. Once with Lexi and once when she was in bed. Here's the tree when she decorated it Smile

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A week is about all I can take of cleaning up pine needles, so mine won't go up for a cuople of more weeks!!

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We have two trees in our house. One in the family room in the basement, and one in the main entrance. The "family" tree was put up last week, and I finally got the formal tree set up yesterday.