*** December 21st ****

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*** December 21st ****

Is everyone out doing last minute Christmas shopping? lol.

I shopped on Tuesday afternoon (took it off) for 6 hours and got everything done. Yay me!

Today, is a snow day, we got a pile of snow last night and should have a little over a foot by the time it's done. It sucks because I was really looking forward to a quiet afternoon of sleeping babies and now I'll have a house full. Oh well. Last working day until January 2nd. I can't wait for my vacation to start!

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Sam, congrats on finishing your shopping! Enjoy your impending vacation from work. Smile
I've been so busy. BIL is visiting from FL; we are having "Christmas Dinner" tomorrow afternoon b/c he's here, and niece and her husband and baby will come up tomorrow for it. Have ordered the entire thing because I just haven't had enough time to plan, cook, shop, etc. Will pick it up tomorrow after I visit a friend in the hospital. Sad

I don't know if I've finished my shopping or not! I have to lay it all out to check today before I get the kids from school. I still have to get a few things for Dave's stocking.