** Daily Sept. 29 **

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** Daily Sept. 29 **

Seriously...the end of the month. I'm I missing days, or is it flying by??

I thought I was finally going to get caught up and back to normal. Had my whole week planned out. Connor woke up with strep on Tuesday! SO, after being gone for a week, then gone last weekend for a wedding, I'm still not back to normal!! Today I'm going through everything for the garage sale this weekend (no I'm no crazy enough to schedule it this close to insanity, it's the whole neighborhood!). I went through my closet this past weekend and have a mound of stuff to get rid of. Now since ALL kids are out of the house, I'm going through the basement and getting rid of at least 50% of the kid's toys. They don't play with half of it, so out it goes to someone who will play with it! Smile

Today's energy will be sponsored by Starbucks pumpkin spice latte!

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Brandi what is normal really. Its a state of mind. Hope you get everything sorted.

I will never be normal again after turning 40 this weekend. sigh. Its down hill from here.

Took the kids to the flu clinic last night. Now to take the biggest child of them all, John. He didnt get one last year and was so sick. It made me soooo mad! I will not take care of him this year if he doesnt get the shot but gets the flu. Nope.