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    Default **Daily March 7**

    Going to pick up my Disney and Sea World tickets today!! YAY! I can't get Legoland until we get there because we have coupons for free kid's tickets, so we have to purchase them at the gate. I can't wait for vacation! I also have to delay our cruise a week. This is the first year in AGES that the county made fall break the 4th week of September instead of the 3rd week. Why? Because they knew I made the reservation MONTHS ago. The only bonus is it's the same price! Otherwise, we'd be going anyway and my kids would have 2 weeks off instead of 1.

    Nothing else to report...I guess that's a good thing!
    Brandi, Scott, Alyssa, Connor & Tyler!

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    Brandi I love seeing those tickets! It means we are going! I also love making the dining ressies. Have fun!

    I am so exhausted I cant even describe it. I have no idea why. I went to sleep early and didnt sleep too badly. I was up around 4 for a bit but when back to sleep. I just feel so wiped. I thought working out is supposed to give you energy. I have none.
    Thankfully I have nothing going on for tonight. No running around to do for a change.

    Ok off to work. Bill paying a naptime.

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    Yay for getting your tickets! I can't wait until we go again. I think I want to go 2 whole weeks next time. Or just move there. Right on Disney property. lol.
    Sorry you're so tired Sam! Hope you get a good sleep tonight! Bill paying sucks.

    Just the little boys this morning! Then I have a couple more this afternoon.
    Going to a Parent Council Meeting tonight! We're getting a new principal after March Break cause ours is retiring (yay!) so I hope the new principal is there so I can meet him/her.

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