**Daily Thread December 13th**

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**Daily Thread December 13th**

12 days ladies only 12 days away Smile

Today Jakey starts the pre-school program at the Y. He'll go once a week for 2 hours. I'm very nervous for him just cause of his lack of words but i'm hoping that being around the other kids and teachers will help him. I'll stay and work out which I'm really looking forward too! Its been a busy week with appointments and birthday celebrations and I missed my workouts!

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Ooooo! HOw exciting! HIs first day of being a big boy. So cute. I bet he does fine. Sophia had words in preschool but chose to have her BFF speak for her. Jakey will find a way!

Just working today. Sophia has her Bat Mitzvah lesson this evening. Nana is coming so its dinner out. That's all really. Oh I did finish all the holida shopping though! Ya me! Now to get John to help wrap it all. NOT my favorite part.

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Hope Jakey had fun at school!!! If all of the other kids are communicating, he'll find a way to get his point across! Smile
Sam, you're so lucky John will wrap! If I waited for Scott to wrap, I would be giving gifts without any wrapping.

Off to school...again! I'm living there this week. I'm not looking forward to the end of this week. Thursday night Alyssa has a performance, will be at school from 8am to 2ish, then to Tyler's school from 2-3ish, then Alyssa has dress rehersal from 4-9, then at the theatre by 9 am for shows through 4:30. Yeah, I'm not going to function Sunday. OH, and my ILs didn't come this past weekend, MIL was sick, so they're coming on Sunday. Needless to say, this house will NOT be clean and I don't care!

Off to school!

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That will be so fun for Jakey! And awesome for you, you'll get an awesome workout in Melissa!
My DH won't wrap either. I tried to get him to help on the weekend and he told me he didn't know how! Good for you for getting your shopping done Sam, have fun out for dinner with Nana!
lol Brandi. Sometimes I don't care that much about my house being clean or not either. Hope you survive the end of the week! Yikes!

Our weekend was so busy and exhausting! Hosted both family Christmas parties and they both were really awesome!!! Had loads of appetizers (which I LOVE) so of course I don't think I'll be losing weight this week, but because of these shakes I drink, I'm not going to gain any either Smile Yay! I think I pretty much ate non stop for 5 hours both days. lol.
Yesterday I had the day off...would have loved to just lay around and do NOTHING but instead I shopping for 6 hours! Got almost all my Christmas shopping done, just need a couple more things that I'm going to order online Smile

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Samantha, congratulations on two successful parties AND your shopping. Smile
Brandi, maybe you could direct your ILs to a nice hotel nearby so you can REST this weekend.
Sam, I'm jealous that your husband wraps. My husband is good at buying gifts, so I shouldn't complain.
Melissa, *hugs* about leaving Jakey for the first time. I'll bet he will have a grand time with so many other people, and the teachers will all have a good idea of what he may need, even if he doesn't say it.
Just got back from a great field trip with Ava's class to Longwood Gardens (we were just there at Tgiving). One of my fave places. Now have to finish up end-of-term grades and submit them this afternoon. N has a haircut tonight, then we go to the kids' school night at Barnes and Noble. I foresee dropping some $$ there ...

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I hope Jacob did well today Melissa!
Yay for finishing shopping Sam! I'm getting there. Kinda. Wink
I'm sorry you're so busy Brandi. Treat yourself to some Starbucks or something. Biggrin
Glad you had a nice weekend Samantha!
I'm glad the field trip was fun ML! Enjoy B&N tonight.

Busy day here at work. Tonight is D's Christmas Concert at school. This will be #3 for me so far. We have seven to go to this year. lol! The girls are getting haircuts before so it looks like I may have to pick up a pizza or something so we can make it on time. I knocked out some of my shopping online during my lunch break. Whew. 12 days left to go! Biggrin