**Daily Thread Sept. 8th**

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**Daily Thread Sept. 8th**

We are just getting back into the swing of school. Both kids are liking it so far. Its so nice to get back into a schedule with the little kids!

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I love a good schedule Melissa. Glad they are loving it.

SO today is a late one for me. I work till 5 then we have to eat and get ready for bed so I can drop the kids off at my parents and then hustle over to Sophia's school for a 2 hour open house. THen back to get the kids. We wont get home till about 9:30 with me running back and forth to drop off and pick up the kids. That is late for us. John is working tons of hours at the second job so I am on my own. We need to extra cash so I cant complain right.

I am looking forward to this weekend though. John and I celebrated our 18th anniversary on MOnday but never got to go out so my parents are taking the kids tomorrow night. Tomorrow night we will go out to dinner then on Sat we will get up early and take a drive to Freeport Maine for the day. It will fun and the weather is going to be gorgeous and not hot. I cant wait. Just gotta get through the long day today.

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Glad the kids are loving school Melissa!
Sounds like you're going to be tired after tonight Sam. Happy Anniversary and I hope your road trip is awesome!

My kids are loving school too! However, Dylan is stuck sitting beside a "problem child" in class. Apparently he doesn't listen very well and kicks Dylan's desk. They have a 3/4 split class this year and most of the grade 4's are problem children, there was lots of complaining and letters written about that class last year. And they think it's a good idea to stick the problem children with the really well behaved children so they can learn good behavior. But how fair is that for my kid? I have a feeling this year is going to be tough.

I took Savannah to school this morning for her first meeting. We already know the teacher well so Savannah was excited and very comfortable. She loved it! She goes on the 15th for staggered entry and then starts on the 20th and goes in the morning everyday.

West Jet is having an awesome sale so I booked our flights to Disney! Yay!!

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Hey, ladies. Glad to hear everyone is making it okay this week. I had to go into the hospital for a few days to have my appendix out. It perforated so there was a little clean up work needed and I'm on antibiotics for a while, but I'm going to be fine. Got home last night. Trying to get some school work done remotely today, and also rest (ha!). Glad to be alive, mostly. Biggrin