*!*!*Saturday, April 2*!*!*

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*!*!*Saturday, April 2*!*!*

It's been so long since I started a daily, I forgot how for a moment or two! I went to an ADHD conference this a.m. given by Dr. Mark Bertin (http://www.developmentaldoctor.com/online/). He was very good; very helpful stuff. I bought his book. Dave called while I was there to say Ava threw up in the car on the way home from her soccer team's meet and greet this a.m. So, now one with strep and one with a stomach bug. I have to skip a going-away party tonight to stay home w/Ava, and probably another party (first b-day) tomorrow. Sad So many sickies this spring!! My bug seems to be gone, thank goodness. Just trying to grade, grade, grade all my students' essays before they come beat down my door.

Hope everyone is enjoying some nice weekend activities.