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* Daily May 3 *

This obviously isn't going to be my week. I took the kids out to dinner last night (Scott is in California), went upstairs to get pjs on everyone and saw the flood in my laundry room. Our upstairs AC unit pan is filling up and overflowing. Nice. Now I have to wait for the AC guy to come, and call the insurance people because we're going to have to have stuff torn out and dried so we don't get mold. I'm so not happy. My friend is having issues with her AC too...we seriously lead parallel lives. What's happening to me happened to her 2 years ago, but they didn't catch it in time and had a waterfall in their kitchen (we have the same house, so I would have had the same issue). I swear everything is falling apart here. My washer and dryer are iffy right now too, as is my built in ovens. Why me?

Okay, enough pitty party. Hope your day is better than mine!

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Oh Brandi. That really, really blows. I'm right there with you, pity party of 1 for me. Repairs stink, the money stinks, all of it stinks!

Good Tuesday morning everyone. It's a big cup of coffee kind of day. Smile We're getting our hours cut at work for awhile and in this economy, that really is going to be tough. The IRS is still auditing our tax return and we have about a million things we need to replace. Calgon take me away! Ok, enough of my ranting. Enjoy your day everyone!

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That sucks Brandi! Hope you get it all sorted out!!!!!!
(((HUGS))) Kelli - thats got to be rough Sad

How do I get Jakey to poo on the potty???? He is really good at peeing but will not poo to save his life!