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* Daily Sept 10 *

Helllooooo ladies! Smile Everyone have a good weekend?? Ours was pretty laid back. Connor had baseball practice, and Alyssa had tumble but that was it! SO proud of Alyssa...she finally has her back handspring and round-off back handspring! She had it down, but then got a mental block and it took us 2 months to break it. Now she's doing them in the backyard!

Otherwise, just going crazy getting everything ready for vacay! Had to take my car in for a couple stupid things this morning. Who knows when i'll get it back. That's part of the routine of having a new model that they've never had and aren't sure how to fix all of the stuff yet. There's also 3 small recalls that they have to fix too. Oh well, I LOVE my car so I will wait! Smile

I leave Friday for the Mickey boat!!!! EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!

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YaY! for Alyssa!!!! Almost makes me want to try my back handspring to see if I can still do it. But I like walking without the aid of crutches and a back brace so I will wait. Do you have matching outfits for the cruise? Scott would love it I think. I knew a lady once who made her family dress alike on vacation. They have her on meds now.

I am starting a new part timer today. Just 2 days a week I think. She called Sunday, met me Monday, starting him today. No flies on her! She is a friend of a friend though so that helped. We need the cash so ya for that.

Other than that Nana is coming over today so dinner out.