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* The thread June 8 *

Hellooooo ladies! The chaos is ending! Alyssa had her recital on Sunday. So glad it's over. She got her audition results and got moved up to the next level! She's thrilled...the wallet not so much. I wouldn't spend the money if she didn't LOVE it, but she really does. Connor finishes up his swim lessons tomorrow. I think I'm going to have to take him to someone private too. The 2 kids he's with are scared to death to do anything, so he really hasn't learned much. After a week, Alyssa was diving under water to pick stuff up. After 2 weeks, Connor is still swimming with a noodle! My neighbor found someone good, so we'll give her a go!

We leave for the in-laws on Monday. You know how excited I am about that. The only pluses to the trip are stopping at Purdue with the kids, and taking Alyssa to American Girl downtown Chicago.

Have a good day!

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WTG Alyssa! That's awesome! Hope the private swimming lessons go well.

Hot one here today! 104 with the humidity! It's supposed to cool off a little bit this afternoon. I hope so because we have soccer and baseball tonight and the kids would be really disapointed if we didn't get to go.
We had soccer last night for Savannah, and then one of the mothers said it was too hot and she was taking her kids home because they were sweating, so they ended the whole practice 1/2 hour early! It wasn't even that hot out, not one kid complained or looked over heated. I didn't complain cause it wasn't the regular coach, I think she was just happy to get out of coaching.

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WOO HOO Alyssa! At least you get a break from it all for awhile Brandi.
Sam we are getting some heat here too. I have yet to turn on the AC but the temp is rising in here so it will happen soon.

Just working with 5 kiddos and staying cool. John is working for his PT job for the 3rd night this week. Great money but I miss his cute behind!

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I'm glad your chaos is winding down Brandi. That's always a relief.
104 is too hot Samantha. Yuck!
Lol Sam!! Take your man out for a date when you have a free night. Smile

Not too much here either, just working. Today is the last day of school and I'm pretty sad. The kids have had a wonderful year with seriously amazing teachers. We were very blessed. I just cannot believe how quickly the school years go by. Wow! Sappy mom moment. Sad