*Daily July 11*

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*Daily July 11*

Three weeks from today the kiddos go back to school!!!!! They're ready to go back. No schedule, no structure makes them a MESS! Alyssa wasn't here all weekend and all the boys did was fight and get on each others nerves (and mommy's too!).

Not too much going on here. I'm trying to do things with them, but it's hard because I don't want to reward the fighting with doing something special. We may go bowling today since it looks like it may rain today (YAY FOR RAIN!). Alyssa's birthday is Sunday and we still need to get her party stuff. Fun times!

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Wow, lucky you Brandi! This is only our 2nd week off. They don't go back until September here. Have fun if you go bowling today!

Busy day with 5 kids + mine and that includes a 9 month old. Hope I make it through the day, I just want the weekend to hurry up and be here!
I'm also hoping July flies by because we leave for Vancouver the first weekend in August! I can't wait for my vacation.

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Brandi dont think of it as rewarding the fighting think of it as wearing them out for bedtime.
Samantha I have 4 plus my own so I feel your pain. One is 6 months but the hardest are the one year olds. There ar 2 of them and they tag team me I am convinced of it!! Ya for vacation!!

Sad night. Luke's fish Jasmine died. (They said she was a girl but I am not sure how they know that). We were getting into bed and she was floating on the bottom of the bowl so I think she has JUST died. Luke was beside himself. He was saying things like "It's hurts when someone you love dies." "I will never get over this pain." "Why does it have to be like this?" This went on for an hour till he feel asleep in my bed. This morning its like it never happened! HUH? He's like a Jewish Tom Cruise. Oh the melodrama. At least he didnt jump on the sofa.

So today we are just working. Not sure I posted about our weekend away but it was fun. Luke did the zipline and rock wall. We bought school sneakers. We went to the longest candy counter in the world and I wasnt watching SOphia as she filled her bag but she ended up with $27 worth of candy! THe p;ace is called Chutter's. The kids had fun anyway but I went broke there. The kids and John went swimming down the rapids on the side of a mountain highway while I just sat in peace in the sun. Nice weekend but reality is here now.

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Wow Brandi, you guys go back early! We are after Labor Day here in MN.
Don't wish away the summer Samantha. lol! Hope your busy day goes okay!
I'm so sorry Luke's fish died Sam. Sad Poor kiddo. Sounds like your weekend was great!

One day closer to Friday is how I am looking at today. Wink It's been a horrible week (huge car repair, central air is dead, etc, etc) but I am trying to look at all the positive instead of the negative. Hope everyone has a great day!

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Kelli, *hugs* to you!!! What a crappy beginning to your week. Sad I hope you can find solutions without too much financial pain.
Sam, sorry about Jasmine. I'm glad that Luke could bounce back, though.
Samantha, GL with the kiddos today. Keep your eyes on the prize (vacation!).
Brandi, hang in there. We've had those days here. I had to crack down with a really strenuous token reward system so there is no question about what to do when, plus the incentive is mostly screen time rewards!

Today should be manageable: keeping the kids busy with reading and academic review this a.m.; lunch, then taking N to claymation animation daycamp. He's LOVING it. He will have a short film by Friday of his three clay characters enacting his story. I'll try to upload it to FB if I can (under a minute). Ava and I are then going to our friend's pool club for some playtime before we go back to get N. Am going to try a new recipe: some oven roasted turkey wings for dinner tonight. I also have to get to Trader Joe's at some point, probably after Dave gets home tonight, because I need some ingredients for a bread I'm going to make. Somewhere in there I have to supervise piano practice for each since they are having lessons for the month of July only (otherwise, they get the summer off).

Really. That will be managable, right?

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I know I shouldn't wish the summer away, I just want to go on vacation so badly! lol.

Sorry Luke's fish died, poor Luke! Hope you make it through your day Sam!
Hope Friday comes fast for you Kelli!
You are such a busy woman ML! Hope you make it through the day ok! You have some very awesome camps near you ML! I wish there were things like that around here. Dylan would love to do something like that.