*Daily July 3*

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*Daily July 3*

Less than a month to school! Can't believe it...but the kids are ready to get back. They're getting on each other's nerves and fighting all the time. The joy of summer has worn off. :/ I'm ready to get back into the crazy routine too. There's been too much down time for me and I've been eating my way through it! Not good!

No big plans for the 4th. Mom and dad are coming over. Not sure if we'll go see fireworks. I don't think I want to get eaten alive by mosquitos (they're REALLY bad this year)! Alyssa leaves Thursday with my parents to go to my cousin's wedding, and Scott leaves to go visit his brother. Just me and the boys this weekend!! I'll probably take them to go pick something out for Alyssa's birthday.

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Oh boy Brandi! Lol! It feels like summer just started here. Enjoy the weekend with your boys! Biggrin

Good morning! This week we have heat advisories so it will be scorching. What a bummer for the 4th since people like to be outside then. Some of the firework shows are being cancelled due to the heat. Yikes! I hope we can still find something to do tomorrow. It's unfortunate that it falls smack dab in the middle of the week. Some church friends invited us to the lake for boating but I really am not comfy in a swimsuit at the moment. I gave the kids strict instructions to keep the windows and blinds closed so the central air can do its job properly today. Our house does not heat or cool well usually. Boo!

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Stay cool, Kelli! HOpe the AC does its job.
Brandi, GL keeping the peace. My two fight 75% of the time they are together now. UGH.

Last night we got back from a week in Alabama to visit my mom, dad, and sister's family. (Also saw an aunt, uncle, cousins, and assorted friends.) Great trip! My Dad continues to make improvement with his paralysis and aphasia. He vows to walk. I think he will do it! It's been 8 months since his stroke. Of course, he already had neuropathy in his feet and lower legs, which made walking difficult for him to begin with, but I do not count my dad out, ever. N's party is Saturday, and I don't have ONE THING done yet (exc invitations--all three kids can come).