*Daily May 24*

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*Daily May 24*

I'm SO happy for my friend...they went to the courts today in Ethiopia and are officially the parents of a 4 month old baby girl!! I just wish they could bring her home on this trip, but they will finally be parents! This totally made my day!

It's been crazy around here. Got back from my little trip and found that the house should have had caution tape around it! I'm trying to play catch up, but it's been hard. I'm too excited about our vacation!! I have to pack next week since I will be at recital with Alyssa all next weekend. Gotta get teacher gifts together today since tomorrow is the last day of school! I really can't believe summer is here already. Tyler is already asking when he starts kindergarten! Smile

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I swear if I leave the house for 2 minutes they swing into action messing it up. I am so happy for your friend. Its so sad that she has to leave without the baby though. That just makes no sense.

Nice weather today. Just working. Nothing really new to report.