*Daily May 30*

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*Daily May 30*

Where is everyone? I guess you're all as busy as I am! Smile 5 more days until vacation...I'm living for that!!

We were supposed to be spending time at the pool this week, but Tyler ended up with strep. So, I've been cleaning and trying to get packed. Today and tomorrow are recital rehersals, then Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the recital. It's going to be a LONG weekend!!

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Brandi, I'm here! Sorry Tyler has strep. Good heavens, that bacteria hanunts y'all. Sad GL getting ready for the recital.
I'm home from a long weekend to Alabama to help out my folks. My dad is settled in to a great nursing home (for now?) and I was able to help my mom with lots of house and yard chores that she just can't do on her own. It was great to have some alone time with her. I'm bringing Dave and kids down at the end of June and we'll have a family reunion then with my sister's family and some aunts and uncles.
So, now I'm just putting the house back in order after my absence and getting ready for Dave's brother and his girlfriend's visit this weekend!