*Daily Thread, August 15th*

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*Daily Thread, August 15th*

Just woke up thinking of Katy and all you girls here. Can you remember back nine years ago? We were all so busy and happy with our new babies. That seems like both yesterday and so long ago now. Some days I wish I could rewind time.

Anyway, not much else. My plans today are working overtime, helping arrange Marshall's mom's headstone and a car repair. *sigh* None of those are fun things.

Love you all.

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Me too Kelli! I can't stop thinking back to that time! It really does seem like yesterday Sad I lit a candle and said a prayer last night for Katy and her family. I just can't stop thinking about them.

Hope you get thru the day okay!

I arranged to have a friend of Ry's and a friend of Amber's come over today - 2 extra kids, what was I thinking???? LOL. I need to get some cleaning done so that they can all undo it.

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That was a nice thing to do Melissa. Good luck with the playdate.

Kelli just think Disney. That will help!

NOthing to say today really. Just working.

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I wasn't as much in touch with Katy or knew her as well as some of you, but I too have been thinking of her on and off all morning. Just so hard to put into words.

Kelli hope you find a little bright spot in your day today. Melissa, get the kids to play a "cleaning game" with you! Wink (I know, I know. And I'm the last person to talk...) Sam, hope you have a good day.

I too am just working today. Kids go back to school a week from today. Looking to finish out the summer with a fun day trip, maybe a water park or something...

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I can't stop thinking about Katy and her family either. So heartbreaking. I really thought everything was looking better with her last post on her blog. I checked it everyday hoping to see another positive update. Still can't believe it.

I'm just working today too. Today is my busy day but luckily it's nice and quiet this afternoon with the little ones sleeping.
I still haven't unpacked from our trip. I don't feel like it. I didn't even want to come home! We all had way too much fun.

Hope everyone has a good day today. How are you doing with the extra two kids Melissa?
Kelli and Sam, hope you both get through the day!
Christa, it's so nice to see you here Smile

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Good Evening everyone. Hope everyone had a stress free productive day.

Like everyone else I too thought of Katy and her family today and was just wondering how they were coping. I didn't read her blog often but when I did I had such admiration and respect for her will to not give up. It also made me take a step back and evaluate my own life. So I just want to say that I am very happy to have met you all (some personally). Each one of you have made an impact in my life one way or another. It's kind of sad that some of us re-emerged for a tragic incident but a friend said to me it's a perfect time for us to come together especially since we lost one of our mamas.

So I will do my best to be more active instead of just browsing. Have a great night and a better tomorrow ladies.