*Daily Thread, October 29th*

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*Daily Thread, October 29th*

Good morning girls! I hope everyone on the East coast is staying safe and sound. Looks like Sandy is nasty!! Sad

Not too much from me. Working and staying very busy! We will need to get our Halloween costumes! :o Pretty typical for this time of year though. Have a great day everyone!

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Sad I'm watching Anderson Cooper, they are doing the whole show on the hurricane. It does look bad. Hope everyone stays safe! Update when you can!

Have a good day Kelli! We have costumes ready but I'm trying to get the kids to wear something else from school so their costumes don't get dirty or ruined.

Nice quiet day, I had a no show this afternoon so I've had the afternoon to myself! Yay for sleeping children! lol

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Hope Monday went well for you ladies.

We're bracing for the worst in about 2.5 hours. So far, just flickering lights and lots of branches down. Rain and wind will continue through tomorrow. Thanks for the good thoughts!