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*~*daily, April 2*~*

Good Monday morning!!!
I've got to shower and get the chicken dinner ready for the crock pot, then I'm out of here to teach Creative Writing today.

Great weekend: Ava and I visited the Y sleepaway camp where she (and Nicky, maybe) will be doing a 3-day, 2-night mini-camp in June! It is on the Chesapeake Bay. Very exciting. She got her ears pierced Saturday night at Claire's. Brave girl! And she swam and treaded water in the deep end of the pool at her swim lesson last night. FIRST TIME! She was so scared, but the teacher was persistent and showed her she could do it. She even started having me turn out her light to sleep Saturday night. She's always slept with a lamp on. She is feeling every minute of seven now. Smile

That's my Ava report; Nicky's doing fine too, just not a whole bunch of milestones all in one weekend.

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WOW ML!! That is an awesome weekend and when did she turn 7?!

I was not home all weekend. Got tons done for the party and fit in a great lunch with a GF. I was so tired though. We never did get Sophia a haircut. Just ran out of time after meeting the photographer. Tonight I need to do that and go back to Home Depot for the 3rd time for more paint samples for the entryway. I still cant find one I love like the green. John did the green in the living room and just needs to finish it in the hall. It looks awesome! Just enough color but not in your face.

Oh and after Luke's haircut at the barber he decided to cut his own hair. He got it cut on Friday and Saturday decided to fix it. Lets just say its a great thing we have 2 weeks till the party and pro pics or I would crap my pants. It's just a little in the front but WHY NOW?! Hes never done anything like this before!

Ok off to work and at naptime I need to polish my speech for the Bat Mitzvah.

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That's a 5 star weekend for Ava!!! Smile That's awesome!

Spring Break! It was nice to sleep in today. I let the kids pick 2 things to do this week and they picked the botanical gardens and Lego Discovery Center! It should be fun! Today, Alyssa has tumble and we "stole" grandma's convertible, so we're cruising the town for a bit! Smile Hey, that's what she gets for going to Hawaii without us. Wink We're also cashing in our Mickey piggy money for gift cards (that way we won't spend it on anything else). We had $125 in the piggy! Not bad! I'm saving it for the cruise...each kid will get gift cards to spend on themselves. Right now they think it's just money to save up to actually go on the cruise...little do they know....... Smile

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Yay Ava! Sounds like she's growing up fast. How are the kids feeling about going to camp for 2 nights? Are they excited or nervous?
Glad your paint looks great Sam! Hope Luke's hair grows fast over the next two weeks!
Hope you have a great Sping Break Brandi! That's going to be so exciting for your kids to find out they are going on the cruise!

April already. Wow! I'm just trying to make it through the week and then bring on the 4 day weekend! We're going to the inlaws in Toronto, nice to get away but it would be more fun going somewhere else. lol.
Have a good day ladies!

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Hope you have a good weekend away Samantha!
That is kinda funny what Luke did Sam Wink Its all about the memories right? It will be funnier in 10 years LOL.
Sounds like a fun week you've got planned Brandi! I saw the convertable pics on FB - looks like fun!
ML - that is quite the exciting weekend for Ava!!!!!!!

Not much going on here. Survived Amber's girl Spa party yesterday - it was fun but loud Wink Today did a little shopping with my Mom. I'm looking forward to bedtime - i'm soooo tired!