*~*daily, April 3*~*

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*~*daily, April 3*~*

Happy Tuesday. Can't believe April is already slipping by! Trying to stay caught up with schoolwork and also get the kids squared away with summer camp sign-ups. I'd like to fit in a trip to Alabama to see my folks. I know Dad would love to see the kids (he's still in a nursing facility, still paralyzed on his right side), so I'll have to see if we can fit in that trip (2 days' drive, one-way).

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Hope you can fit in a trip to your parents ML!

Not much going on here. Worked out this morning while Jakey was at pre-school. He was a bugger at drop off! But I could see him while I was doing the track and he was fine as soon as I left but just not sure where this is coming from?? I'm off to put these 2 to sleep so that I can nap too! Emma woke up at 3:30 and I never got back to sleep so i'm super sleepy now!

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ML I have a feeling that April will gone in a minute! I hope you get to see your Dad.

Melissa WTG on the weight loss! Keep it up! Now to take my own advice.

Got Sophia's hairs cut last night. She was fine last night but got pissy about it today. She hates getting a hair cut. Tonigh is Bat Mitzvah lessons which I cant wait to be done with. Maybe pick up yet another color sample. My walls look like a rainbow. Other than that I am having quiet time righ now.

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Go see your dad ML!! You know you want to! Smile
Could Jake be having a growth spurt Melissa? That throws my kids off..still!!
Another paint color Sam?? You're insane! Smile Sorry I missed your call this morning!

Took the kids to the zoo, planted flowers, put down more mulch...it was a good day! Still have flowers to go and want to get them in before the rain we're supposed to be getting on Thursday. Scott is out in that NASTY weather in Dallas right now...not good out there! That's what's headed our way. By the time it gets here, I'm sure it won't be as dangerous...usually when things hit the Alabama/Georgia boarder, they settle down.

Pizza man should be here any second...I may attack him on the porch since I'm SO hungry!!