===Daily Thread Jan 11th===

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===Daily Thread Jan 11th===

I miss a day coming here and Jewella is back!!!!!! YAY! And your TTC'ing! How fun!! It's been a long while since anyone on this board did that LOL.

Sam - I hope today is better for you hun!

Things are going here - its a blah time for me as its coming up to a year since my Dad passed away on Sunday and on Saturday is actually the 10 year anniversary of my Nana passing SIGH... Other than that i'm just keeping the house semi-together LOL. I'm going to try and get in a Tae Bo workout at some point. Tonight I have a class for Jakey's speech. I really wish his words would come - I'm getting anxioius that I have to register him for Junior Kindergarten next month and I really don't feel comfortable with him starting with so few words Sad Hopefully 'the word explosion' will come before September when he's suppose to start but i'm not holding my breath!

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I hope he gets his words soon Melissa. They can help him though. He isnt the first. I know how worrisome this stuff if though believe me. (((((HUGS)))).

Oh today is much much worse. The kids are fine but daycare started as a disaster. Every child came in early so no breakfast for me until just this minute, they all came in hungry, with a dirty diaper or not having slept all night. Crying everywhere. Then on of the moms, my friend, had an episode while driving. It's her heart but they thought the procedure they just did took care of it. It didnt and she almost blacked out. So I have both her kids since driving her son to Pre-K wasnt an option. She is going to the ER I think.
Then yesterday I slammed my ear against the side of my bed when I bent over to pick something up. I have am super dizzy today.

I'll be better tomorrow! It IS a full moon. This stuff is to be expected now and then.

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Thanks for all the welcomes back ladies!
Brandi, Hope your cleaning and packing and getting ready is going swell.
Melissa, Jakey's words will come. It's hard not to worry but he's just proving he is his own little man with his own little plan Smile Thanks for the Good Luck... I'm a little nervous, but so excited as well.
Sam, you poor thing, you have most definately had a week. If the full moon is today I'm going into hiding...attitudes fly in this house it seems and everything seems to hit the fan.
Samantha, We haven't had enough snow to make a snowball yet, I"m sort of feeling a little jealous as I listen to the RAIN hit the roof.
ML, Hope N's day went well with out his med!! Smile

Corbin has another Chiro apt at 3pm, Carlie has Scouts at 6pm, Need to stop by the DMV and be sure of everything I need for Corbin to get his permit and check on changing the address on my license as well. Cade was in a mood this morning where nothing was making him happy and his temper was shining through. It's been this way all week and nothing has changed in his schedule. I'm beginning to wonder if it's time to up his meds. Ugh I just hate it though cause it makes him so tired throughout his day...I guess a call to the Ped today. Hope everyone has a Great Hump Day and the day goes well.

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I bet he'll have a word explosion at the beginning of the summer, right when you are not expecting it! ((((BIG HUGS))))
What a crappy start to the day Sam. Hope it gets better!
Ang, I can't believe that one of your kids will be driving! How does that feel? I'm terrified for those days!

My day is not too busy today. 3 little boys this morning and then Savannah and a 3 year old join us this afternoon. It's cold and windy out so I'm not sure if we'll make it outside.
I'm looking forward to relaxing on the couch tonight and watching Moneyball!