==Daily Thread June 11th==
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Thread: ==Daily Thread June 11th==

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    Default ==Daily Thread June 11th==

    Hola girlies! Not much to report here today. Cleaning and babysitting R today. I'm pretty boring LOL.
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    Hope your day isn't too boring Melissa!

    Not much going on today. Just 3 extra kids so easy day for me!
    Tonight we're going grocery shopping and taking Dylan to get his iPOD touch. He is SO excited! I'm proud of him for saving up that money himself. He wants to save up for a netbook next. So we will see.

    Tomorrow is soccer and then Dylan has a friend coming over.
    Sunday, Dylan and Dakota are both going to birthday parties and I'm going to go to a pampered chef party! Yay! I'm excited. So DH and Savannah get 1 hour alone! Hope they have some nice Daddy - daughter bonding time.

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