==Daily Thread May 2nd==

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==Daily Thread May 2nd==

Wow what a news night it was last night! I stayed up way to late watching the news!! Today is voting day here in Canada so all my fellow Canucks - make sure you get out to vote!

I'm heading out today as my mom has a few things that she needs to do. Other than that nothing going on. We are in the midst of potty-training Jakey and its going very well but i'm kinda afraid of a day out!

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Couldn't be prouder to be an American today!!!

Melissa, potty training is so overrated. Wink

Was supposed to get my hair pretty today, but Alyssa has strep. She feels fine, just a sore throat (we're lucky since she got her tonsils out she doesn't throw up with it anymore!). I really wanted to get my running around done today since it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Oh well, life on the couch is good! Smile

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WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!! I usually dont celebrate when someone gets shot in the head but he soooooooooooooooo had it coming. I bet there was a fight over who was going to be on the plane that was taking him for his burial at sea. I say Buh Bye.

Brandi just rest. You are already beautiful.
Melissa I agree about potty training being overrated. He struggled until he was fully ready. Good luck.

Well my washer literally fell apart on Friday. I mean a huge bang and the inner drum just let go. It was only 8 years old. Fun stuff. Luckily I had all the important stuff washed from Sophia's trip. Her stuff was smelly and wet and sandy. She had a blast though. Anyway Lowe's was having a sale and then even stuff on sale was another 15% off plus $50 energy star rebates for each item and 18 month free financing. We went ahead and bought that and a new fridge. Ours is 18 years old, freezes stuff on the top shelf and makes a thunking noise that I am told is the compressor. We bit the bullet and just bought a new one. No point waiting till it dies and then we have spoiled food. The washer comes tomorrow and I needed to special order the fridge because my size wasnt in stock. All the more reason not to wait because it wont be in for 2 weeks.


That is my long story of how I spent money I dont have this weekend. Oh well. Easy come easy go.

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I was up late too Melissa. What a day in history for sure! I hope Jakey does fine, being out today.
Life on the couch is good Brandi! Enjoy!
It's hard to swallow Sam, letting go of that much moolah. But when it's needed, what do ya do? We need a new washer and dryer set. Still waiting on our darn tax return here.

Monday already? Had a great weekend so it was extra hard to wake up this morning. It's also so cold here, totally not Spring weather. Ick. Hurry up and warm up! Brrr. Not much going on here. Working my tail off and running around for kid things. Story of my life. Wink Have a good day all!

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Ok I went to bed early and had no idea what you girls are talking about. So I went and looked and that's about the best news I have ever heard! Yay!!!!

I voted in the advance polls! Good luck with potty training Melissa!
Hope you have a relaxing day Brandi! Hope Alyssa is better soon!
Sucks that you had to spend all that money Sam. But I bet you'll love your new stuff!
Enjoy your busy day Kelli!

We had a great weekend. It was gorgeous out on Saturday and we spent the whole day outside. Dakota learned how to ride a 2 wheeler! No training wheels! Yay! I also lost the stone out of one of my favourite rings. So that part sucked.
Then we went to see RIO on Sunday. I loved it!

It's raining today. Hopefully the day flies by anyway. Have a good day!