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Thread: ==Daily Thread Sept 15th==

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    Default ==Daily Thread Sept 15th==

    Well we had an early start to our day! Ry woke up at 4'ish with a big nose bleed! That has never happened before but we are all getting sick so i'm thinking its cause his nose is dry. Then he came and got me up again a bit after 5 cause he saw Jakey at his gate taking his diaper off and poo went everywhere - LOVELY When is this child ever going to poo in the actual potty?!? He is 100% trained otherwise, never has accidents and wakes up dry unless he poos that is! Ahhhhhh.... I tried sleeping on the couch while the boys played DS but then Emma woke up at 6! What is with these kids today??
    I'm off shopping with my neighbour today and then need to run home and bake cupcakes for playdate tonight. Its one of the little boys bday so I said I would do cupcakes and let the kids pile candy on them. At least the one mom is bringing pizza for dinner so I don't have to worry about that!
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    There are no words Melissa. Just ewwww. And I'm sorry. Have fun shopping and save me a cupcake.

    I have a cold. How unfun. I feel poopy. No pun intended Melissa. I am wiped and have a headache. At least the open house for
    luke's classs is only 1/2 hour long tonight. And John isnt working the second job for a change. I have some backup for homework time.

    My grandmother broke her arm. Fell outside her appt. It might be time to move in with one of her kids.

    Ok off to work. Hope your feeling better ML!

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    Melissa, sounds like a pretty rotten night. Hope you can snag one of those cupcakes for yourself!
    Sam, feel better soon. Colds suck.
    I'm feeling MUCH better, thanks for asking. Pain is all gone, just easily tired. Trying to eat more but don't quite have my appetite back. Between the gall bladder earlier in the year and the appendix problem, I am looking a little gaunt.

    Second open house tonight, Ava's 1st grade classroom. Nicky had this teacher (we LOVE her!), so I think I'll know the drill, but I want to meet some other parents.

    Gearing up to coach Lego League again; this time I'm going to coach a 1st grade girls team of 4 w/Ava on board. Another parent has volunteered to do Nicky's team, thank goodness. That was a TON of work, esp since there were 7 kids on it. His team will only have 4 this year. Should be fun!

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    Yikes Melissa! You must be exhausted!
    Feel better soon Sam!
    Glad you're feeling better ML! Lego League sounds fun!

    It was my baby's first day of school today! She had a great time! However...the new bus driver (who I am not happy with) went off the road onto soft gravel today and they had to get a new bus into take the kids to school because she couldn't get the bus back on the road! I'm going to wait to hear Dylan's version of what happened and then called the bus company. This isn't her first stupid thing she has done, last week she forgot about a kid on the bus and finally dropped the kid of at home 45 minutes late!!!!!

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