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@@Daily thread March 26th@@

We had a good time with my family last night and I made a yummy Roast Beef! It was so freakin' good, if I do say so myself Wink Today Ry has a friend coming over for a playdate. This mom is strange - I sent a letter with Ry on Monday saying call me as I lost your number and maybe we can set something up for Saturday. She called last night at 8 saying tomorrow works for us. Um I hadn't really thought he was coming since I hadn't heard from her. I should say I was more like hoping - I don't like this kid or the mom either for that matter :roll: But P thinks I should just get it over with, which I kinda agree with. So I'm hoping today flies by LOL. Though I told Ry that A isn't coming over if he doesn't clean his room and so far he hasn't even started so maybe it won't even happen.

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Here's hoping Ry doesn't clean his room, Melissa. Wink I too dread the playdates with the kids that are trouble. I have better things to do than keep an ear out for 2 hours to prevent my bedroom drawers being investigated, the dog being aggravated, or tonight's dinner ingredients being ingested. *hugs*

Still tired from a really poor sleep week, but at least I got to sleep until 8:00a.m. Full day of catching up on house cleaning and business. Essays always waiting to be graded. Cold out, and snow predicted for tomorrow, but no accumulation, thank goodness.