!@!@Thursday, May 5@!@!

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!@!@Thursday, May 5@!@!

Happy Thursday. Feeling pretty good! Weather is gorgeous today, which helps, but there is so much to catch up on. I need to get my list of suggested classroom accommodations to the school counselor by about noon so she can put together a meeting to discuss N's proposed 504 plan. I'm nervous b/c I expect them to continue to dissuade me from formalizing it, but I know he absolutely needs it, so I will just have to push. (I'm not a pusher.)

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Glad you're feeling good today ML! I'm not a pusher either, but when it comes to my kids and their well being, I'm a pusher! Smile

One of my friends from college is coming to visit tomorrow!!! I'm so excited!! She's excited to see Alyssa's competition this weekend too. Tomorrow is also muffins for mom in Connor's class. It will be a busy morning going to that, then off to the airport! I'm also obnoxiously decorating my parent's front yard. Tomorrow is dad's last day of work! I got a Happy Retirement banner, and going to get those ugly plastic pink flamingos and probably a few other things. Can't wait! Smile