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@ The thread May 23 @

All of these tornadoes are really freaking me out! It has been some nasty stuff! I have a friend that lives in Joplin, MO, but she is thankfully okay! She was a little north of where it hit.

Alyssa had her auditions for dance company next year. I know she's in, but just a matter of where she'll be placed. We had our first pool day yesterday!!! We were there from 10-3! It was fantastic. The kids were about ready to fall over by the end. Smile

Last week of school for us!!!! The kids are excited! Connor graduates from kindy on Wednesday...I'll have a 3rd grader, 1st grader and one in pre-k. What am I going to do with myself?!

Oh, SAM!! I'm enjoying a mocha nut fudge k-cup this morning...it is FABULOUS!!!!

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Pool day sounds great Brandi. What a way to tire out the kiddos!

Monday, already? Boo. Minus some icky weather, we had a nice weekend. Watched some movies, BBQ'ed with friends, end of the year Sunday School party. Just back to normal today. Not much to say. Have a good day everyone! Biggrin

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Brandi, sounds like you are very busy but having lots of fun.
Kelli, glad to hear you had a nice weekend! Hope your weather will warm up soon.
We had a great weekend here, now back to the onslaught of school wrap-up festivities (picnics, concerts, parties, teas, field day, etc.). I think I am at their school just as much as they are. :roll: I would not miss any of it for the world, of course. Have a great week, girls.