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    Stupid AC started leaking yesterday. Thankfully it's in the basement laundry room on a concrete floor with a French drain/sump pump. However, it may mean something expensive is in the works. We tested the condensate drain (not clogged) but never could find the drain pan. I changed the filter, which was dirty, and we restarted later last night. Today is the hottest day of the year so far (pushing 100), so cross your fingers for us...

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    I hope it was as simple as the dirty filter maybe? I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!

    I'm just about to head out to Amber's class for her play (my fantastic neighbour is keeping both babes!) and then off to grab a few things for Ry's sleepover party tomorrow night - a big bottle of wine for me is on that list LOL!
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    ML I hope you dont have any more issues with the AC. We are pushing 100 here too. Crazy hot.
    I love your list Melissa. Sounds like you know how to make this sleepover a little more relaxing.

    Hot here. Staying inside. Luke is getting his first birthday gift tonight. We got Red Sox tickets with box seats, behind home plate, right up front and free parking across the street from Fenway. They might also have waitresses in that area too so John wont have to go out for food. Its a fancy set up and they are generously donated to us by a friend of my mom's. Gotta get her a gift.

    We also bought some other tickets for a game in August. He only knows about the ones tonight. He is going to freak when he gets the second set. Sophia and I are going out to dinner tonight. Just the ladies.

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    Yikes ML! I hope today you have no issues and you stay nice and cool.
    Enjoy your wine Melissa, lol!
    I hope both the boys and girls have fun Sam!

    I have been on this healthy eating challenge for almost a month now and I tell ya, junk food tastes so much better! It's not really a diet but just a learning to eat more healthy plan. I haven't had coffee and I think that's killing me more than chips and chocolate! Work is still busy, which also means I'm stressed out to the max. Not much time to get on here and tell my friends hello. Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying their summer so far!
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