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Thread: ~*~weekend thread June 9/10~*~

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    Default ~*~weekend thread June 9/10~*~

    Happy weekend, ladies! School let out Wednesday, but it seems like vacation starts today because we are meeting friends at the pool for the afternoon, ordering pizza, and just hanging out. I'm not sure I remember how to do that. :P
    Ava had a swim lesson this a.m., Nicky has piano in a few minutes, I have to shop and meet a friend for coffee, and THEN we will pack up and head to the pool. So, I guess it really is business as usual for me today.

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    Do you ever do just one thing in a day ML? LOL

    I hit up a great sale this morning and got the rest of the kids summer stuff! Then just cleaned. We were suppose to play washer toss tonight with neighbours and have a few beers but it rained most of the day so I think the lawn will be pretty mushy :/ Probably just watch basketball with P tonight - fun times LOL.
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    ML I agree with Melissa. Do just one thing. It's called being lazy and it can be fun! Especially with your hip.
    Melissa the Sale sounds fun. I love a sale. What game are you watching? Could it be the Celtics?

    Had a mini date last night. We did go to dinner then ran some errands. We also watched a movie at home on our new complete sofa. So nice.

    Today we took the kids to see Men in Black 3. The first minute of the movie I was kicking myself for bringing Luke but then it was fine. Tomorrow we have no plans.

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