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    Default ** May 27 **

    LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! I'll be happy to be finished running around! Actually, that will end after next week since Connor has swim lessons, and Alyssa has her dance parties and recital practice.

    Partying on the agenda for me today! I made 48 cupcakes for Connor's class...these people better eat them! Then if it clears up, I'm going to take them down to the pool. Let the fun begin!
    Brandi, Scott, Alyssa, Connor & Tyler!

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    Hope the kids have a great last day of school! Have fun at the pool!

    We have a busy weekend. It's Dakota's dress rehersal for dance tonight, Savannah's is tomorrow morning. Then Dakota's dance recital is tomorrow night and Savannah's is on Sunday. Just my luck that they ended up in different shows.
    I'm hoping while we're killing time tonight in town, while Dakota is at rehersal, that I can drag DH to Home Depot and by some blinds for the kids rooms so they don't wake up so early on the weekends!

    DH is finishing up the stone on our unfinished wall today and then I hope after that I can get him to hang up that shelf I told you about last week! He is the king of procrastinating!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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    Mmmmmm now I want cupcakes Brandi! LOL. Hope the kids enjoy them!
    Sounds busy Samantha! I want to see pics of the girls dancing!

    Not much going on here. Jakey slept horrible and then Emma woke up at 5 I feel like a broken record with the bad sleeping. I don't know what to do about it!!!! At least i'm home with them and can nap when they do but I need them to start sleeping thru the night grrrr..... I think today is going to consist of a lot of TV/movie watching for them and me lazing on the couch. The mess in my house isn't going to go anywhere thats for sure
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    Brandi hope you get to the pool and dont forget to call me about the cabins.
    Sam good luck getting DH to get to his chores. I Need to get on John too.
    Melissa nap well! They will sleep through soon enough and you will wonder how the grew up so fast.

    OK what? We went from 60-70 degrees 2 days ago to 90!!! Yup welcome to Boston. Now its sumer. Summer comes on instantly here. No gradual increase. 90 all weekend. Guess what John is doing tonight. Yup putting in AC.

    I feel burnt out this week. Not sure why. Probably AF. I need this long weekend. ONce in awhile I just know I need a break and now its here. I feel whiney and I keep paying for evening when I just have my kids here. Mostly I like what I do but this week has been loooong.

    I did go out with my GF last night and had a great time. We ate and talking for almost 3 hours. It was awesome. Bring on the long weekend NOOOOOW!

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    If they don't eat the cupcakes Brandi, send them my way! Woot for last day of school!
    Samantha, enjoy the dance recitals. You'll have to share some photos with us.
    Sorry for the lack of sleep Melissa. My kids didn't sleep through the night for a long, long time so I can sure sympathize. Maybe you can sneak in a nap?
    I'm glad you got out for awhile last night Sam. Yay for 3 day weekends! It's much needed here as well.

    TGIF! And our tax return finally arrived. I seriously was going nuts while that audit was going on. Dealing with the IRS = stress!!!! Now we can pay down some debt and breathe a little easier. Like Sam, I also really, really need this long weekend. Yay! Have a good day everyone.
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