**Daily threa June 20th**
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    Default **Daily threa June 20th**

    What a busy weekend! Spent Saturday on Ry's Mario cake. I had so much trouble with the simple blue fondant UGH! And then that night we had his family party and yesterday we spent the day at the zoo and then a bbq at a friends house in Toronto before heading home! I'm doing NOTHING today -okay maybe some cleaning cause apparantly if I don't do it, no one else will
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    Sounds like a busy weekend Melissa! lol about the cleaning.

    We had a great weekend too! Friday night we went to Lonestar and had a great time and then came back here for cake. It was a great birthday for Dylan!
    Saturday we had Dylan's baseball tournament, a game a 9am and 12pm. And we had to squeeze in his soccer game at 10am. It was busy! He played really well. Then we went downtown in the afternoon and had dinner and watched the street entertainers! The kids had a blast!!
    Sunday we did some shopping and then went to my parents for Father's Day.

    Today is a quiet day with just the girls and my niece and nephew. So I'm trying to enjoy it! We have soccer at 6 tonight and then I'm going to come home and watch the bacherlorette! I get sucked into that show every season.

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    Of course no one else will do the cleaning Melissa. I always wish they would though. lol! Let's see a picture of his cake!
    I'm glad Dylan had a great birthday Samantha. It sounds like he was kept plenty busy this weekend. Wow!

    I'm so not a fan of Mondays. The weekends just fly by. We had a really great one as well. Friday we went to see Morghan in her "Annie" performance. I'm so proud of her! Saturday we cleaned, mowed and shopped for Father's Day. Sunday we spoiled Marshall and enjoyed church and the nice weather outside. Back to reality today I suppose. Hope you all have a great day!
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    Melissa I agree that we need to see that cake. YOu are a good mommyd to do that.
    Sam that is a busy weekend. I got sucked into Sister Wives and that is just as bad I think.
    Kelli how was Annie??!! I bet she did awesome!!!

    Busy for us too. Friday we cleaning and shopping for party food. Saturday was LUke's party for the family. I am sooooooooooooooo pissed. I had tons of food because everyone was coming and then my SILs showed up with all kinds of excuses for everyone else on John's side of the family. Ya right. We are not stupid. They ALLLL chose the Bruins parade in Boston and didnt even attempt to make it here at all. So I spent all kinds of money and time for nothing. It was a morning parade and they could have taken the T and been back a little late but still been here. Instead we know they drove in. Took hours to get out. Not to mention my SILs lying to our faces for their families. No more. No more parties for me on that side. Done. I have had plenty of better things to do during my weekends all these years but I have made it to everything save maybe 2 events!! Done.

    Luke still had a great time but he did wonder.

    Sunday we went to my parents. John golfed then met us there for a BBQ. It was perfect weather. Dad and I even took a 45 minute walk. It was just a great day. You can COUNT on my family!

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