april 25th

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april 25th

I want this week to be over. My Sophia is on the school camping trip and I am sooooo less than thrilled. How can I do the job of hover mother when she isnt here to hover over? I cant even call her. No calls. She will be back Friday afternoon. I guess I have live with it but smiling when she left was HARD!!

Easter was nice. My sister did end up having it so I didnt have the mess and expense. Ya me!

Today I am just working. Sigh. I hope Sophia remembers to brush her teeth well. And takes the time to brush her hair all the way to the ends. And I hope she stays with her group during all the hiking. And if she isnt feeling well I hope she tells someone.

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Oh Sam, I'm sure Sophia will be just fine! You've raised her well!

I also want the week to be over. Thursday, Tyler gets his front teeth pulled. Sad I'm so not looking forward to this. I'm sure he'll get over it quick when grandma gives him the DS she bought him!! Me, not so much. I keep telling myself that it's for the good of his permanant teeth, but it doesn't help any.

We had a good weekend. We had Easter dinner on Saturday since my dad had to go back for his last 2 weeks of work yesterday. So, I spent yesterday doing landscaping stuff and putting down mulch.

Have a good week!

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How hard Sam Sad I'm not looking forward to them getting older and doing stuff like that! Hope the week passes quickly! Yay for not hosting Easter though!
Brandi - poor Tyler Sad I'm sure the DS will help soothe him though!

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She's gone for five days Sam?! Wow, that's a long time. They don't do that in 6th grade here. I'm sure she's having a blast.
He'll look cute as heck Brandi! Morghan had hers removed when she was four. I was really sad too but it definitely is for the health of their adult teeth.
I hope you're having a good day Melissa!

Mondays stink. A Monday after a holiday is worse. Ugh. I didn't want to get out of bed at all. Our tax return is still being audited by the IRS, my poor van is really dying and I'm just over all of it right now. Wish I could sure win the lottery, which would help. Blah!

Have a good day all. Smile

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Guess I doubled up the daily thread. Knew I should have waited! lol.

((((HUGS)))) Sam! That must be hard, especially with no phone calls. Sounds like she is a wonderful smart young lady, I'm sure she is doing fine!

(((HUGS))) Brandi. Dakota had two crowns put on her two front teeth. I think it was way harder on me than it was on her.

Sounds like you need some (((HUGS))) too Kelli! Hope you win the lottery! Hope I win it too! lol.