April 29th Friday

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April 29th Friday

SOPHIA COMES HOME TODAY!! I cant wait!! She wil be home about 1:30. THis has been one long week. I cant believe next weekend is Mother's Day. THe older I get the faster the months fly by.

Nothing else to report. Oh our baby grass is coming in! Maybe it will be better this year and we can avoid the crab grass. Overseeding is supposed to help.

ML feel better!. I think when you are better I am flying you in to help me landscape.

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Will you be counting down the minutes Sam??? Wink

Ty got his teeth pulled yesterday. All went well, but it still sucked the life out of me! We just have to keep him on a soft food diet for the next couple of days. My mom gave him a DSi, so life is good! Smile

Not much else going on here. Garage sale tomorrow, so I'm trying to get everything organized!

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Hope all is well ML!!!!
YAY for Sophia coming home today Sam!!!! Is Mother's Day really next weekend?!

I was up watching the Royal Wedding. I got Amber up to see her walk down the isle once the ceremony was over. I`m glad I did as she really enjoyed it and I remember watching Diana and Charles get married when I was around her age. I`m babysitting today and then tonight P and I are going out to dinner with his work to celebrate something LOL. I`ll probably be super tired since Emma was up for a long time last night and then I was up early watching the wedding with Jakey (who was so not impressed with my choice of television LOL)

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am home and well and drugged up. surgery went well after a second trip to ER for worst. pain. ever. GB inflamed and "thickened" but he was still able to get it out laparscopically thk gdns. Now pain is different and not near as bad. Thx for well wishes. back to bed!