april 6th

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april 6th

I have a teenager! Sophia is 13 today! crazy. How did this happen? So far it hasnt been too hard with the puberty and all but lets see what this brings. We really arent doing anything today to celebrate. She knows I am out of funds and steam. All my energy is going to next week and that is her big day. I felt guilty for about a minute but that was it.

I have an appt for this sinus infection AGAIN! It has been 8 weeks. I feel better on the antibiotic then go off it and 2 days later I am getting sick again. I dont have time for this at all ladies. So I have the name of a med that I used way back in 2010 that kicked a sinus infection and that I wasnt allergic to. I am just going to go in and tell them this is what I want. I am so over this.

I am done with work at 2:30 today. Ya! Then I have the doc appt, cleaning and a suit fitting for the boys. Just tell me when I can get back in my jammies.

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Happy Birthday Sophia!!!! You're STILL sick????? You need powerhouse antibiotics! GET BETTER!

We went to the Lego Discovery Center yesterday...it was pretty cool! Now I'm really looking forward to going to Lego Land in June! The kids had a good time, even though it was really crowded. It's only been there 3 weeks, and of course with everyone being on spring break, it was sold out. Today is running around day! Alyssa has a tumble private, boys have haircuts, and have a DESPARATLY needed massage and chiro appt (back has been REALLY bad the past couple of days!), need to go pick up a ham from Honeybaked, Target run...and that's just a start! I think a chunk of the running will be done later when I can leave the kids at home. Smile

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Happy Birthday, Sophia! Sam, feel better. Hope you can get the good meds.
Brandi, glad you all liked the Discovery Ctr. We are headed to FLA's Legoland in August! Can't wait to hear how you like it.

Kids and I are home for their 1st day of spring break today. Lazy morning, but now we have to go run some errands. Not looking forward to that, but we need food and Ava needs some shoes and a cardigan for Easter dinner!