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    So I guess we need to prepare for a hurricane? Looks like it passes over us directly as a category 1 storm Sunday into Monday. Haven't had this in years and that follows an earthquake. I didnt feel it but evacuations happened around Boston. Weird. I think I will go out for water and batteries after work. The longer I wait the more crowded it will get. I hate lines at Market Basket. Now. How to get my Keurig to work on batteries if we lose power? I. Need. Coffee.

    Not sure what else to say. Kids start school next Wed. We have everything including winter coats. I just need waterproof gloves. I didnt get any last year and they were almost not fitting the kids. We have time for that though. I hope. Never know around here.

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    Sam, come down here. My Keurig will service you! I haven't gotten a chance to call you back! I'll call tomorrow morning!

    Sadly wishing the hurricane was closer to Georgia...we REALLY need the rain! It's so dry and the ragweed is killing me and the kids. I'm trying to get some things done in the house, but the allergies are dragging me down. I did do some re-arranging around here yesterday. I think people at Target thought I was crazy! I kept going back and forth getting stuff! I need to run to the mall today to exchange Alyssa's jeans and get another nice dress for our cruise. I'm thinking of trying to sneak in a nap too.
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    Yikes Sam! Hope it moves outward more!
    Sorry the allergies are getting you so bad Brandi!

    Not too much to report here. I need to tidy up as i'm having a friend and her two kiddos over for dinner. Guess I should start the spaghetti soon too. Thats about it! I too hope to get a nap in. I was up way to late but I just needed some time by myself - and that seems to only happen late at night lately! I'm ready to get the kids on a better schedule but P's late work schedule makes that hard to happen grrrr.....
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