August 23rd

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August 23rd

Sitting here listening to my 6 month old washer bang away down there. THis is the second one. They replaced the old one and gave me this one and it's doing the same thing. Seems the older version of the washer is recalled for this issue but I am sure they need to recall this version too. Soooooo it's hanging on by a thread and I hope we can make it until next week when they come to look at it. I hope they have the right drum on their truck so this can be over. I need a working washer!

Other than that just working and wondering what dinner should be tonight.

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That's awful. They don't make things like they used to. You must be so annoyed Sam!

Just getting ready to take the kids out today. Dakota's not feeling the greatest, but she's ok and we're just going to go to a park today and have a picnic lunch. She can relax outside. Everyone needs to get out of the house. I can't wait until this work week is over!

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Hope you can resolve the washer issue, Sam. That sucks!
Sam in Canada, may your day outside life your spirits. Smile

We got back from Florida Tuesday night. Have been doing laundry since and not done yet! Wink School starts Monday, so still prepping here. N's school picnic was last night, Ava's is tonight. We already knew N's teacher (love her), but got advance word on Ava's that she has the one 2nd grade gifted teacher we do not know from Adam. She also has no one from her 1st grade class with her in it. We are a little disappointed at that, but there are students in the class she knows from kinder and preschool, even. And the daughter of another 2nd grade gifted teacher is in her class, so I know there will be oversight. Sigh. We'll meet the lady tonight and hopefully Ava will be at ease. If they are trying to take her out of her comfort zone, they are doing a good job!

Babysitter gets here in an hour, I'm going in to campus today and tomorrow to prep. My classes start next week too.

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Sam, I would see since this is the 2nd time if you could just get something different. What brand is yours?? I got an LG and I love it!
Have a good day Samantha!

I'm finally starting to feel normal. This sinus infection kicked my butt!! So glad I went and got antibiotics on Saturday. If I would have waited, who knows what would have happened to me! I'm still super tired, but at least I know it's finally starting to clear up. I need to run out and get a couple more nice pairs of shorts for the boys for the cruise. I'm hoping to find them on the cheap since fall clothes are coming in. I have to get Connor's shelving done today too. I bought it, then got sick and haven't had the energy to put it together. He needs to be able to put all of his stuff away! I also have to take him for his 7yr check up. It's coming at a good time because he's had a cold and this morning his lungs sounded awful. I think he may be becoming asthmatic too, since every time he gets a cold he's been getting bronchitis and last time pnumonia. Sad

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That's rough Sam! I can't believe its the 2nd one doing the same thing!
Sam - hope your day (week) flies by! I saw on yesterday's thread that your MIL changed the date of the Stag and Doe - YAY!
ML! Hope Ava adapts well to the changes!

So i've been super busy these last few days with the picture job and just everyday life! I''m looking forward to when the kids go back to school and I have only Emma some days (though truth be told i'm SUPER SAD that Jacob is starting school so young!). But oh well it is what it is! Today i'm going to get more boxes of clothes to do and off to the Y this afternoon for Boot Camp - I think Wink We'll see how I feel at 5! LOL

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Oh Sam! That darn washer. I got your voicemail, thanks dear! Will you keep your eyes & ears open for me please? Smile
Samantha, I hear ya on the work week! It can end anytime. I hope Dakota perks up. A picnic lunch sounds fun!
Teacher issues are tricky, aren't they ML? I hope tonight goes well and Ava feels good about her.
Thank goodness for modern medicine Brandi! I hope Connor's appointment went well today. I read on FB what he said about peeing in a cup. Haha!!!! Biggrin
Melissa, I'm sorry that makes you sad. I've been having a tough time emotionally with my kiddos getting bigger as well. It's tough stuff. (((hugs)))

So we are back up into the 90's here! It was 60 last weekend. Gotta love Minnesota. I have been working like crazy, putting in some overtime. Financially things are tight here so this will help. Just so much going on at this time of year, isn't there? My mom was kind enough to take all four kids to the dentist for me this afternoon. Grandmas are the best! I'm hoping for zero cavities! I hope you all have fabulous days! Smile