August 28th daily

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August 28th daily

Luke's first day of school is today. I jut said goodbye and now I want him home. Is it over yet?

So I booked my first trip as a travel agent yesterday! It was fun! Booked the package and called for dining reservations and special event tickets. All that is left to book is her ECV to help her get around the parks. Other than that I am done. It is alot of work actually now that I have done one. When you are doing your own you know what you want. It's harder to book stuff for other people. Anyway she was extremely happy with the price ( she kept asking if that was for 2 people or per person) and she was happy with the restaurants I was able to get for her even though some of the times she wanted weren't available.

I hope Kelli calls me soon. Kelli I am looking for you! I have a discount! Call quick though!

Other than that working and having Nana over.

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(((HUGS))) Sam. That first day is always the hardest. Mine go next week. I'm not looking forward to it. Yay for booking your first trip! Have fun with Nana.

My poor Dakota has a double ear infection and bronchitis. I hope these antibiotics work their magic soon. I have a full house and I bet she'd rather just cuddle me on the couch all day. Poor kid.
Not much else going on. Have a good day all!

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Aw Sam! I hope his first day went well. Thanks for chatting with me on the phone this morning my friend! Smile
Oh, poor Dakota! Sad I am fighting bronchitis too. It's nasty!

Just working here! Tons of overtime, which is both bad and good I guess. Hope you all have a great day!

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Congrats on your first trip, Sam! Hope Luke had a great day.
I hope Dakota is better soon, Sam. Poor thing!
Kelli, you feel better soon. I'm sure the overtime isn't helping you get well. Sad

This week SUCKS! It can only get better, right? Ava is having a good first week of school!