Birthday parties

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Birthday parties

So what are you planning/have planned this year? Do you do separate friends and family parties? Themes? At your house or somewhere else? I have three kiddos with July birthdays (19th, 27th & 28th) so it's nuts in our house. Wink

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We don't have local family who can make it (niece with a newborn), so it's friend-only party here. I rented a pavilion at one of N's favorite parks, and we're inviting classmates and friends for pizza, cake, and play. N is asking them to bring backpacks and school supplies instead of gifts to donate to a local mission's back-to-school backpack giveaway in August.

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Yikes! July sounds crazy busy at your house Kelli!

Dylan's party is tomorrow! We don't usually do themes. He's wants a soccer cake and we're having Ray's Reptiles coming. They bring small crocodiles, snakes, turtles and other reptiles that I would rather not be close to. lol.
I was hoping to have an outdoor party cause games are so easy to think of for outside, but it's supposed to rain all day today and all morning tomorrow so it looks like we'll be stuck inside.
Now I have to think of at least one cool game to any ideas?

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Sometimes we separate friends and family but the last 2 years Luke wanted a Pump It Up Party and that's $$$ so we just combined them. This year though both kids wanted a 3DS so they chose that over the friend party. Easier on me. They both had a family party. Luke's was last Saturday. He wanted a bug cake so we did that but that was it as far as theme goes, but there usually is a theme if we have a friend party.

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We have seperate family and kids party. We normally go out of the house for the kid party but this year Ry wanted a new DSiXL so we got him that and had a smaller party at home. We did water balloons, slip n'slide, donut eating contest etc. It was fun but a lot of work LOL.