Brandi and ML

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Brandi and ML

ML how are things going with the hunt to find a place for your Dad? HOw is your mom doing and how are you?

Brandi how did that little ballerina do at the competions?

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Feeling better Sam??

Sorry, been MIA. Kids are off from school this week, so it's been a little crazy around here! Alyssa did GREAT!! They got 1st place on both of their dances and 1st overall in their age group for their tap! They only got 3rd for their full company, but I think that was because one of the older girls was right in front and totally FORGOT what she was doing! Sad

Took Ty to the dermatologist today. She doesn't think it's an allergy, just crazy sensitive skin. The 1st dermatologist told me I could only use the steroid cream for 10 days and gave me a complex about it...this one said no way. We're using it for 2 months!!! She said this stuff isn't strong enough to thin the skin like the other woman said. I really trust her since she works at Emory University and was one of USA Today's top 10 doctors! Hopefully he'll have a clear face again SOON!!