Christmas Gifts

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Christmas Gifts

What is everyone's kiddo's asking for this Christmas? Samantha and I were talking about what Ryan and Dylan were asking for this year and its all EXPENSIVE items! Is it just our kiddos or is it an age thing? LOL.

Ryan is wanting a 3DS, a table that turns into air hockey, basketball, ping pong & think pool. Plus lots of video game stuff which is at least $60 a pop :roll: Oh and can't forget the Lego stuff which is all expensive too!

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My kids are the same! They're out of the toy phase, so it's more pricey. They already know they will be getting less because the stuff they're asking for costs a lot more. Santa will be doing some Black Friday shopping!

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Larry diligently watched for sales on his favorite game downloads and nabbed both at under ten bucks, and has been blissfully enjoying both games for over a week now, but I know he's going to want some pricier games. He's more interested in computer gaming vs. a console, at least at the moment.

Ben and John aren't into "trendy" stuff yet, but shopping for them presents its own challenges. How do I find the Pokemon stuff they want without a time machine?! There's a few things still in stores but they hopped on this trend about a decade too late. Smile

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Luke is getting a Playstation and some games, Healys which means I will be in the ER in 2014, some robot thing that I can't remember the name of and some football cards. We still need to pick up some football gloves? Not my area. I guess quarterbacks wear them to throw the ball better. Tom Brady should get a pair because we lost yesterday. Maybe that will help him win for real instead of by luck.

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lol about the time machines for the Pokeman.

Lol Sam! Good luck with the Healys!

Dylan asked for a TV, laptop or Tablet. And that was it. It took a lot to pry ideas out of that kid. We ended up getting all 3 kids a tablet. And that's their gift. Tablet and a few clothes and stocking stuff. Everyone else will cover the other things on their lists. They didn't ask for much this year.