Christmas Ideas?

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Christmas Ideas?

I need some ideas girls! For all of your kids, what's on your list? Biggrin

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SHort lists big prices. Xbox, I pod touch, sneakers, Skylanders giants. I am done with my kids.

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My kids have hardly made a list. I need ideas too! Dylan's picked a few things, one of which is a dart board! Not something I want to get him. The girls are picking random things out of the Christmas wish book that I know they'll play with for a week and never touch again. I need some ideas too!

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We're done with the shopping! Ry is getting Skylanders Giants, tabletop fooseball game, Beywheelz (because yes he needs a 4th Bey stadium :roll:) a docking station for his Ipod, wooden Chess & checkers game

Amber is getting a Furby, Newberry doll and clothes, Ipod docking station and an Ipod, Twister Dance

Thats the main stuff, they get lots of little things as well. My mom goes crazy at Christmas! Oh and their both (along with the little kids) getting their own suitcase on wheels.

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I need ideas, too. Ava (7) is getting some books, earrings, some (generic) American Girl doll accessories and a bed, a shirt, Cooking Mama (DS game), a stuffed animal, and art supplies. I honestly don't know what to get N other than books. Jeans? Maybe an AWOLNATION or MUSE t-shirt (2 of his fave bands)? Probably a DS game, but they don't make any "good ones" for old DS's. Ugh. Art supplies, probably, for drawing comics. Help?