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daily april 12th

Couches should be here soon. I cant wait. I need this project over so I can just clean up! We have been in transition for weeks. I hate that. I feel like I cant really clean. I did all the bedrooms but I need to do this living room.

MY SIL highlighted Sophia's hair last night and it looks awesome! Sophia is in a foul mood though with me. Just the pressure I would imagine. Saturday is alot of work and anxiety for her.

I have to run.

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Sam, I know you are anxious, too! Good luck with the final preparations. Sophia will shine in so many ways. She's such an outstanding girl; you and John have done a great job. Smile
It's a Thursday. Not much else to say. Giving an exam at 2:00. Grading lots of papers all day long, then grading exams after class. Same old.

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Thanks ML. I really want the service to be over. Her blinking was pretty bad during her run through. She just has so much Hebrew to read and I will be on eggshells. I hate to see her blinking but she does seem happy to be doing it so that's a plus right? This is alot for everyone but it will be fun when we get there.

Hope your long day goes fast!

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Yay for the couches!! Hope that Sophia has the best time ever this weekend! You too Sam! I'm sure Sophia will do amazing, ditto what ML said, she seems like an amazing kid! I bet you can't wait for all the planning to be over!
Have a good day ML!

Not much going on here either. I think I'll take the kiddies out for a bike ride this morning. Lots of cleaning to catch up on during quiet time, hope I have the motivation to do it. This house is getting messy!

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I can't wait to see pics of your gorgeous girl and family Sam! Ditto what the others said, Sophia is a great kid and will breeze thru this weekend with flying colours!!!!
GL with the grading ML!
GL with the cleaning Sam - wanna come do my place when your done? Wink

Not much going on here, just dealing with lots of sickies! Not fun!! P and I have throat stuff going on, Amber coughing and Ry starting the stomach bug last night (hopefully it stays with just him - one downsize of a big family is that sickies last forever!)