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    We are back to normal again. Except that the kids are home from school this week thankfully. We all need a break from running around. We just plan to hang out and I do have to work. The weather is gorgeous but my tiny baby is asleep so outdoor time will have to be after nap rather than before I guess. Its hard with the little ones not being on the same schedule.

    Tonight is a fast dinner then out for groceries. Did I mention how much I love my new sectional. Ilove it I tell ya! I actually took a catnap on it Monday and it was lovely.

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    Glad you're all back to normal here. I find it hard being on the little ones schedules too sometimes. In the afternoon we have to wait until 4pm to go outside.
    Glad you love your new sectional!

    The girls are home sick with me again today. Savannah still has a fever and Dakota was up last night complaining of a headache. She seems fine right now but this morning she was giving me a hard time about going to school because her head hurt, I don't know how much of that was acting and how much of that was real. I think I'll take Savannah to the doctor when all the kids leave.

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