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## Daily April 19 ##

I replied yesterday, but then it disappeared. That's par for the course for me lately!! Everyone is finally healthy again after the stomach bug and strep invaded our house! The kids figured out staying home from school is not as fun as you would think it would be. Smile

I've got a crazy one coming up! Last dance competition this weekend! We also have baseball Saturday, Sunday and Monday!! We have to start making up a few games, so it's a little crazy. We'll probably get rained out again on Saturday, but you never know. Weather people are the only people I know that get paid to be wrong!! Otherwise, I'm trying to play catch up from being stuck in the house for 5 days! Fun times!

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Glad everyone is healthy Brandi! Good luck to Alyssa at the dance competition! Hope you make it through the weekend!

I just found an awesome deal for our Vegas trip staying at the Vdara. Now I just have to book it, but for some reason I'm nervous to do it. lol.

Savannah is still sick. I have to take her back to the doctor, I'm hoping DH can do it this afternoon or else I'll be going in after dinner.

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Brandi I cant tell you how many relies disappear through no fault of my own. Hope you keep you sanity through this weekend.
Samantha I hope S feels better soon. And I say book it! You only live once right.

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Didnt post a thing about my day. LOL! That's how exciting it is. John worked the second job last night and tonight. Bitter sweet. I love having him home but boy do we need the money. On my own. I will fire up the grill from chicken burgers. SImple enough. Other than that nothing much going on. YA!!!!