Daily April 19th

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Daily April 19th

Ahh long weekends. Love them. Gotta work today but I got to sleep in because the kids are on break this week. Love that. Stayed in bed to almost 8. Unheard of on a Tues.

We tilled the yard yesterday and replanted LOTS of seed. Our yard needed a redo. Especially our new backyard because we under seeded last year and crabgrass took over. Also did all the shopping for Easter ALONE yesterday. Got everything for the baskets, coloring eggs and for my cheesecake. Can you tell I am sooooooooooooo happy that my sister is having this holiay at HER house?! I love having everyone over but I was having all the holidays and parties here and its so much work and money. This one is all her! WHOOOOOO HOOOOO!

My brother was in the ER yesterday but was able to come home. I went over and brought him the new Harry Potter movie. We watched about an hour just the 2 of us before he dozed off. I hope he feels better today. This is getting old for him.

So nothing else to say really. Its been so quiet around here.

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Sorry your brother was in the ER Sad But yay for your sis having the holiday! I agree that its so much work and mola to host the holidays!

I'm just about to head out shopping with my mom to get all the stuff for Easter and for the dinner we are having on Saturday with my extended family. Fun stuff!

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Hello, ladies. Shopping alone sounds fun, Sam! Sorry to hear about your bro's latest troubles. Hope he is feeling better.
Melissa, hope you had a good day of shopping. Smile

Busy still, teaching and meetings, and now trying to goad the kids through their homework. What's for dinner?