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    Default daily april 20th

    Ahhh Friday. It came quickly. I loved not having to drag the kids to school all week. Makes things more relaxed.

    Nothing going on really. Just working then cleaning. I have a massage at the training school tomorrow then a date with John. I cant wait for tomorrow. Sunday we have no plans a rainy day so I say its a jammie book reading day! WOO HOOO! Love love no plans.

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    Sam, it sounds like a great weekend for you! You definitely deserve some relaxation after the big service and celebration!
    I am busy today and will be busy all weekend! I guess I have to admit I like being busy, but one of these days I'm going to be really hard-nosed about having a "me" day, and will have to tell all people who need me to do something to suck it. Not any time soon, though.

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    Glad Friday came quickly for you Sam! But this week DRAGGED on forever for me! Yay for date night! Have fun!
    Lol ML. Have a great day and a great weekend!

    It's my Dad's birthday today so we're waking up bright and early tomorrow to go to the casino! Yay! I could use the day to sleep in, but whatever.
    Savannah is finally feeling better, yay!
    I booked our trip to VEGAS! I guess this means we're actually going. I still can't believe it!

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