## Daily April 21 ##

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## Daily April 21 ##

I think I'm slightly sane again. This past weekend was totally draining. My ILs and SIL were here, Alyssa had competition on Saturday and a performance on Sunday, and the boys had t-ball on Saturday. You all know how I feel about the ILs. Alyssa didn't dance at competition until 4:30...we didn't get home until 10. They got platinum and 3rd overall for their catagory...behind both dances of the group one higher than theirs at our studio! They were also the only 3 dances that got platinum in their catagory. I missed the boys' t-ball game...Connor played reallly well and got the hustle award! Scott has been gone all week in NJ. SO, I've been dealing with the wrath of the kids being overtired all week. Fun times.

My dad is down for Easter, so we'll go visit today. This is the last time he'll "visit"!!! I have some planting to do, but we're supposed to get rain on and off today.

Have a nice day! Smile

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Yikes Brandi! Busy weekend. WTG Alyssa!!! And WTG Conner!

I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing long weekend. We don't really have any plans so I'm excited! I do hope that we find some time to clean up our garage and I hope the weather is nice so we can play outside!

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Brandi that is an insane weekend! With the ILs to boot. Enjoy the sanity.
Sam I hope you get nice weather!

My niece has the stomach flu. If anyone else over there gets it we are doing Easter dinner here. :o I host them all so I was hoping for a break. No one's fault but I didnt want to do it this time :eek:

So it's naptime. My brother and parents might take the kids tonight. That would be great except I get to spend some of the alone time in the dentist's chair to have an old filling replaced. Ugh. Maybe we can go out to dinner after.

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Happy Friday, girlies! (ooops--I mean Thursday--it's our Friday this week!)
Tired, still grading, but at least I can sleep later tomorrow b/c my teaching is DONE for the semester, and the kids' spring break has officially started!!!!! woohoo!

Brandi, try to catch your breath! WTG to your crew. Smile
Samantha, hope you can get out and enjoy the weather with your family.
Sam, I hope your family plans all work out exactly how you want them to. Good luck at the dentist's.

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Happy Easter everyone!

Sam ooooh that sucks! I know how you were looking forward to just bringing the dessert!! BAH!
Brandi WTG Alyssa!! Sounds very busy though Smile
Samantha sounds like a nice weekend! If only the weather would get better..ugh
ML Yay for a break!!!

We're off to Kitchener tonight or tomorrow for easter. Aaron is off to St. Louis on Tuesday for the Worlds Robotics competition and then robotics trips are done thank goodness!! He's having a blast but it's $$$$!! The kids stuff has slowed down lately and I'm the busy one trying to go to Zumba and running classes. getting ready for soccer season!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!