# Daily April 25 #

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# Daily April 25 #

This week is one of those weeks where there's too much going on and not enough time to get it all in! I'm going to school again today for a meeting, get more garage sale stuff done, and the guy is hopefully coming to fix our sprinkler system. Of course, I have an empty house today...I'd rather just sit and enjoy it, but that's not going to happen! Okay, off to get some coffee and a shower so I can get moving!!

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Hope you make it through your busy week Brandi! Too bad you just can't relax today. Have fun at school.

Not much going on today. I might go for a bike ride but I'll have to see how the weather is because it's kind of cold out right now.

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Brandi, I hope you were able to check some things off your schedule today plus have a little quiet time for yourself.
Samantha, hope the weather warmed enough for that bike ride.

Today was decent. Semester is winding down, and I'm relaxing a little in anticipation of the summer. Ava gets her new glasses tomorrow afternoon, and she is SO excited! They are really cute.

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Hope you got everything done Brandi!
ML - i can't wait to see pics of Ava and her glasses!!
Sam - did you get out for a bike ride?