daily April 27th

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daily April 27th

Friday! Ya!

Luke's class is leading services tonight and he gets his own personalized prayer book too. He is so super excited. He loves going to Temple anyway. I am thinking I have a Rabbi in the family. Thankfully Rabbis can have kids so I would still be a Grammmy someday.

Anywho. Just working and cleaning and services later and a trip to the bank. Fun stuff around here.

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Yay for Luke! Glad he likes Temple.

Not too much going on here today. Went for a walk with my neighbour after the big kids got on the bus and now I need to clean! My house was so clean yesterday and now it looks like a disaster area! How does that happen so quickly?

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Saw your post from yesterday Sam. Can't believe that it's that time for Sophia already. How does she feel about that? Yay for Luke!
I hate that Melissa! Our house gets trashed in a matter of hours. I hate cleaning. Urgh.

PD Day today! The kids are actually being really awesome. I spent lots of time with Dylan this morning working on his 'Everyday is Earth Day' poster and it was a lot of fun.
Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning. Yay! Then I'll get up and do my run and then I'm taking Savannah to a birthday party and then having a date night with my hubby Smile Yay for that too!