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daily april 4th

I just finished my parent speech! I just need to type it up. YAYYAAA!!! I am pretty happy with it too.

I aso got an email that some of my furntiure is in. Maybe it is the rest of the sectional? I was having 2/3 of it delivered next week so maybe its all in. I will call in a bit.

Oh and I made my own paint color. I mixed 2 samples. One that was too dark and one too light and now i am happy. Now to see if Home Depot can relicate it.

OK it turned busy in here! bYE.

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Nope. It was the sofa table. Oh well.

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I hope the rest of the sectional arrives soon Sam! What color of paint and where in your house?

We are actually painting too. Our bedroom was plain white with ugly floral wallpaper border from the previous owners. It was time for that to go! We painted a blue on Sunday but I was not liking it so back to priming I go! I found another color that I hope will be better. It's fun to spruce up a room but the actual work that goes into it really stinks. That's about it from me. Have a great day!

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Can you get samples from your paint store Kelli? We can get these tiny cans for $2. My entry looks like a picaso. I have little sections of all kinds of colors. We painted the living room Spring cactus green and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Then we wanted to a different color in the entry to compliment it\. Thats the hard part. There are all kinds of colors I like but none that I loved with the green. This is a brown/tan color. Soft though but not too light. I mixed Cappacino and Stone Brown. Now its a lighter version of the Stone but it has a soft tint to it. Cant explain it but I cant get anymore colors on this wall so were done!

The couch is Chocolate brown and we are doing burgandy accents. I love it. I think.

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Sam, your colors sound lovely. GL getting all the new furniture squared away!
Kelli, have fun with your bedroom redo. We are way overdue for some redo's around here, but it's going to have to wait until summer. There's just no time right now! Sad

Worked on campus and taught creative writing today, then picked up my kids + a friend from school and dropped A and friend at his house to play, then took N to a make-up piano lesson. I hate afterschool lessons; N is always such a mess. Sigh. His usual lesson is Saturday at 10:30 which is really perfect, but the teacher won't be teaching on Saturdays next school year. Have to grade exams and journals and prep Humanities II for tomorrow. N has a dr's appt in the early a.m., so I won't have time tomorrow to prep. Always something...